Well, a couple of weeks ago Jon and I thought we’d step up our exercise game and get bikes so that we could save on gas $ and get a little bit of a work out at the same time.  I know from the pictures they look pretty cool, by my bike was only $60 at Fred Meyer.  Jon’s is a little higher end, but’s nothing Mr. Armstrong would be drolling over in envy.  The first day that Jon and I went out biking was mildly traumatic, it was pouring rain and I hadn’t ridden a bike for at least 5 years.  By the time we were on our way home I had a seriously bruised bottom and told Jon that I refused to ride anymore until we got a better seat for my bike.  The next morning Jon bought me the most fabulous bike seat in the world!  It’s like riding on a cloud!  So now that we’ve got hot new wheels we’re riding them pretty much every where.  *ding ding*

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  1. chauwell
    chauwell at |

    Haha. that reminded me of hatsuharu. Ding Ding!

    A good resolution! keep it up!

  2. Margaret
    Margaret at |

    That’s so cool! I’ve been trying to ride my bike to work more often, too. Yesterday, though, I found that my front tire was completely flat! Do you guys have any good deals or recommendations for a quick fix?

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