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  1. Margaret
    Margaret at |

    Sweet awesome! You guys are always traveling. I can’t believe you got to stay at the Bellagio! These pictures are amazing. Glad to hear you had fun!

    p.s. “Bellagio” is underlined in red for some reason. When I right-clicked the word for spelling suggestions, “Bellatrix” was on the top of the list. How can Harry Potter have acceptable words before Vegas? How??

  2. Anne
    Anne at |

    That’s an awesome summary of the trip. But, where are the food pictures of the big banquet?? I’m still working off the weight! So great to see you both, and having so much fun!

  3. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    I’m glad you guys had fun in Vegas! We were so happy to have you there! Looks like you did everything possible… 😀

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