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  1. chauwell
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    A library in a mall?! That is pretty awesome.

  2. ranivk
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    We went in, placed an order and when we went back to pick it up, there was an older woman at the counter–who had told me on a previous visit that she was the mother of the owner.That time (and at that time I had thought it to be a mishap) and this time, the woman was extremely rude. She could hardly have said anything because we had placed an order for more than $50.00. But she grunted, sneered, and with very bad grace added two more cupcakes to our order.My husband asked why we go there.

    We’re of Indian origin and she simpered at the white man there before us, and fell all over the white woman after us (“I’ll be RIGHT with you–we got nothing but a glare when we went in and waited for her to finish with the man) and refused to say hello or thank you.

    To the owner–if your mother is so rude, don’t keep her in the shop. If you only want to serve someone who’s white, put a sign on your door–you won’t find too many people coming in. And, remember, almost everyone you know must know someone from another ethnicity. We live in a global world–especially in Bellevue, WA.

    We’re not going back. And I suspect quite a few people whose skin is a little colored aren’t either

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