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  1. Amy
    Amy at |

    Burritos do sound good right now. As do Slurpees. Great job!

  2. Margaret
    Margaret at |

    You guys are my heroes! I can’t believe you went to so many places. It’s especially insane that you did a practice run! Master, teach me your ways.

  3. jz
    jz at |

    Wow. I’m speechless. The journey was it’s own reward I’m sure.

  4. Eye
    Eye at |

    The best part I read was about big burritos.

  5. Colette
    Colette at |

    Hey Anglea, I’ve never been to your blog before. I had no idea you were an insane deal-finder (I think I have heard from you that you go crazyon Black Friday, but just reading about it confirms the insanity). You must be young. If I ever have the motivation to go out, I will drop by your blog again to see how it is done.

    You are awesome.


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