Summer 2011

It was raining dogs and cats today so I guess that means one thing: Summer is officially over and our Northwest Autumn weather has returned :(.  We had a pretty eventful summer this year!  Main highlights:

1) We took a big Chau family vacation to Florida

2) Jon got his hands on a $99 HP Touchpad

3) We bought a condo and moved in

Our Florida vacation was heaps of sweltering fun.  I think we were able to see 90% of what there is to see in Florida in 10 days.  First, we flew into Tampa and drove to Sanibel Island (a family favorite) where we spent Jon’s birthday.  We mostly enjoyed the beach and collected a bunch of shells there.  Next stop was the Everglades where we made a quick stop to take a boat tour that featured a bunch of wild dolphins swimming along side the boat and a mosquito infested alligator swamp.  Then on the  way to Orlando we made a mini detour to Ft. Lauderdale to check out the university where my dad is getting his PhD.  Of course, once we got to Orlando we got our Disney time in.  We ended up spending 3 days in the parks.  It was my niece’s first time going so that was especially fun.  Our main objective during the trip was to see the Juno rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center.  Luckily enough the launch was only delayed by an hour so we got our chance to see the rocket as it started it’s journey to Jupiter!  Our last travelling day wrapped up at Sea World which oddly enough turned out to be my favorite.  I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Shamu.

I don’t really have any comments about Jon’s TouchPad purchase, but I’m sure he’d be willing to write a special post raving about it if anyone’s interested 😀

The move was the highlight of the summer for me.  After all of the house hunting, packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking I’m definitely glad things are winding down and have decided I never want to buy another piece of furniture again.  I was reminded what a blessing it is to have great friends and family.  We moved from the third floor to another taller third floor place and we had a lot of stuff.  There’s no way we could have done it ourselves and lots of people spent the majority of their Saturday helping us with the back breaking work.  A big thanks to all of those who came to help out!  Also, a special thanks to my Mom and Dad who took a couple of days off work to come to Seattle to help unpack, assemble, purchase, install, cook great food and clean!  Mom and Dad came and we got a lot done, but also had a fun visit.

Well now that we’re mostly settled in our new habitat and most of the boxes are cleared away it’s time for the fun times to begin.  Hope you all had a great summer and are doing well!

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  1. Margaret
    Margaret at |

    This is so cool! You guys are living the life. I hope you guys had fun in Florida! These pictures of you are so cute. : )

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