California Pizza Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago, Jon and I went to try out the California Pizza Kitchen down in Bellevue.¬† We had a giftcard from our credit card rewards and we’re not known to say no to a free meal ūüėĬ† It turned out to be really good.¬† Our waitress was super helpful and we were pretty daring so we tried some weird things.¬† For an appetizer we got these panko¬†breaded artichoke hearts, yum!¬† Then for the pizzas we got the Thai Chicken and a Sante Fe.¬† The Thai Chicken had a sweet peanut sauce and was super good.¬† The Sante Fe came with salsa, guac and sour cream and was pretty good too.¬† We’ll definately be going back!

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    Hmm… Did you visit California Kitchen Pizza in Singapore???

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