Sweeeep!!! Sweep! Swwwweeeeep!

Last weekend Jon and I went to check out the Granite Curling Club in Seattle due to interest sparked during our olympic adventure.  After watching the curling event we figured we could probably make it on the US team without too much trouble, but after trying it we realize that curling is a bit harder than it seems.  The rocks that are used weigh about 42 lbs and when you’re expected to aim and release the heavy rock while crouching and sliding and keeping your balance it’s actually pretty tiring.  Then there’s the furious sweeping while running on ice part.  Who thought up this sport?

We got breakfast at Maltby Cafe first then headed to the club and got there about 15 minutes before it opened.  The line went all around the building, apparently curling is really popular during the Winter Olympics.  It took about an hour for us to even get in, but they had snacks and we were able to watch the other groups curl.  Once it was our turn they gave us each one rubber gripper to go over your throwing side shoe.  It helps you stop yourself from slipping on the ice.  The curling ice is bumpy unlike skating ice so it’s a bit less slick.  First we learned how to release the rock, you sort of squat down then push back with your gripper foot then push yourself forward.  Then we learned the sweeping part, which I actually thought was harder.  We ended up playing a game, but had a hard time getting the rocks to even make it to the house.  Our team didn’t do so well, but the rock that I release was one of three that made it in and scored a point, so horray, maybe I can be an Olympic curler. 

After curling we went to the Experience the Music Project and the Science Fiction Museum with our friend.  We liked the Sci-Fi part better, but we were able to take this really cool band picture at the EMP.  We were still in our sweat pants from curling so it’s not so convincing…over all it was a fun outting.

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  1. chauwell
    chauwell at |

    Looks like you had a great time! It’s cool that you have a ‘curling center’ in your area. I bet the ice skating rinks get packed too.

  2. Anne
    Anne at |

    Love that! Let’s try curling again when we come! Great commentary! I think we’re ready to curl!

  3. Russell R. Rutledge
    Russell R. Rutledge at |

    Sounds like a lot of fun.

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