An update on Pixel

Pixel is doing pretty well these days.  I think her behavior has improved quite a bit since the last time we blogged about her.  She’s still getting into mischief now, but she’s wanting to be more social with us too.  She’ll follow us around the apartment now and stand up on her hind legs when she wants to be held.  When she wants to play she’ll run little circles  around us while we sit on the floor then pounce on our backs to let us know it’s play time.  It’s pretty cute.  A couple of weeks ago my sister got some nice toys for Pixel.  Her favorite is a little stuffed sandal.  She runs back and forth around the apartment looking for the best place to hide it.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t stopped trying to steal our sandals though…She also got Pixel this nice play gym, Pixel will crawl under it and roll around and she really likes tugging the toys attached to it.  At first I was worried she wouldn’t play with it for very long, but she’s been consistently coming back to it so looks like they were a good pick.  A big thank you from Pixel!  Pixel’s yearly medical exam is coming up, she’ll need her shots and we’ll finally get her officially checked to see if she’s deaf.  We’ll let you know how it goes. 

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  1. chauwell
    chauwell at |

    We’re glad, we’re glad that she likes the gym and flipflop toy. Too bad it doesn’t stop her from taking the real thing!

  2. Russell R. Rutledge
    Russell R. Rutledge at |

    Glad that she is behaving better.

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