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  1. Margaret
    Margaret at |

    Holy smokes! That IS a series of unfortunate events! I can’t imagine how painful all of these were. Good luck avoiding those peppers and mysterious cuts! It might be easier to do by avoiding Thai food and ferrets…

  2. chauwell
    chauwell at |

    Oh…. I empathize. Once I thought I was eating a green olive and it ended up being a pepper… and I do not like spicy food.

    I hope the cuts get better!

  3. Anne and John Sorensen
    Anne and John Sorensen at |

    Ouch! Bummer on both! Hope your mouth and finger are healed up!
    Great to see you guys over Christmas, but wish we could have played/seen more of you both! Thanks for the techno help too! You two are an amazing team!

    :)Anne and John

  4. Rich Chung
    Rich Chung at |

    ROFL! I know what you talk about in the strange cuts/wounds. Sometimes I wash my hands and it stings and I look to see a cut. I have no idea where it came from. Sleepwalking maybe?

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