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  1. Anne and John Sorensen
    Anne and John Sorensen at |

    Wow! What a trip! Who said you couldn’t pack it all in! Was great to see you over Christmas.

  2. Billy C. Haynes
    Billy C. Haynes at |

    Wow sounds like you have tons of fun for the holiday season! I have a cousin that leaves in Tacoma and she said they got like nine feet of snow!!! I was jealous because here in Arkansas we don’t get snow very often. To give an example of how often we get snow, Las Vegas got covered in snow this year, we haven’t yet to see any…it’s just not fair!

  3. Margaret
    Margaret at |

    Wow! You went like everywhere I’ve ever been in my life! Tony and I drove by Colorado on our way over to Texas. That’s cool, too, right?

    Glad to see you had fun! We miss seeing you! Next time you come to Utah, let us know!

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  5. chauwell
    chauwell at |

    Woooooo! Sounds like a great vacation, a traditional Chau-Family Shindig! Thanks for sharing the pictures (it’s great to see the snow and family), if you make an online album, let us know!

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