Well, we had a pretty frightening week.  This past weekend we came home from Stake Conference and above our heads on the porch was the ugliest spider you’ve ever seen.  It was super aggressive, jumping around and catching bugs.  We decided we ought to get rid of it since we weren’t sure if it was dangerous or not.  It was bigger than a quarter and really mean.  While I was at scouts Jon fearlessly vanquished it!  It was a fighter, Jon sprayed it with Raid, it lowered it’s web to come after him, but then retreated again after he sprayed it one more time.  Even though it’s gone now I’m still pretty scared everytime I leave and come home…When Jon killed the spider a bunch of other bugs must have gotten hit and got killed too, we investigated further and saw that they were a pile of bees!  Where did all those bees come from!  Pretty alarming…I hope we won’t get attacked by an angry bee mob sometime in the near future! 

We’re really interested to find out what type of spider this is…any body have any ideas?

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  1. chauwell
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    bees? Where did you find the bees? Maybe Shelob was eating them and they will thank you for saving their hive…. wait… is that a good thing?

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